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Who's Who


St John’s is an Anglican church, in the Diocese of Rochester and part of the Church of England. We meet on the High Street at the heart of the Penge community. We have an exciting vision and a clear sense that we are on a journey towards a deeper sense of God’s presence and greater participation in His mission. We believe all God’s people are called to serve at St John’s to use their gifts, talents and time to grow His Kingdom.
These are just some of the people who would love to talk with you about life at St John’s. They can link you up with others too.
       Nigel4            Ian            Steve
          Rev Nigel Poole                   Ian Baldwin                    Steve Miller
              Minister                    Church Warden             Church Warden

Andrew   Russ   Sally   Hazel
 Andrew Griffiths        Russell Jones            Sally Jones               Hazel Willson
    Treasurer              Assistant            PCC Secretary          Electoral Role
                                  Treasurer                                                   Officer


All Age Worship
10:30 Sunday 27 May, St John's Church, Penge
Spring Bank Holiday
Monday 28 May, St John's Church, Penge
Half Term
Monday 28 May - Friday 1 June, St John's Church, Penge
Family Communion
10:30 Sunday 3 June, St John's Church, Penge
Little Fish!
09:30 Monday 4 June, St John's Church, Penge
The Alpha Course
11:15 Monday 4 June, The Vicarage, 4 St John's Road
Little Fish! - Teddy Bears'...
09:30 Wednesday 6 June, St John's Church, Penge
Parish prayer meeting
20:00 Wednesday 6 June, See church notice sheet for location