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Getting married in the sight of God

Congratulations on your approaching marriage!  And on the wedding, too, of course.

Our policy as a church is that all engaged couples do a four-week marriage preparation course called In the Sight of God. It is designed to bring the focus back onto the reason for the wedding day: the marriage itself.  Over four brief sessions (no more than half an hour each) we will offer you a Christian perspective - using the bible - on what comes after the wedding.

In the busy and exciting lead-up to the wedding day, it's easy to forget about what comes next: married life.  Couples and families often spend a large amount of time, energy and money preparing for the 'big day', but spend almost nothing getting ready for the marriage that, God willing, will last long after the wedding itself has become a treasured memory.

Also, a genuine acquaintance between the minister and the engaged couple is an important aspect of the overall 'feel' of a marriage service, so our preference as a church is to marry people whom we have got to know over a period of time through regular attendance at church. 

So, if you want to be married at St John's, please do start coming along to our 10.30 am Sunday services and introduce yourself to the minister.  After all, he will be conducting the marriage service!

Marriage Law

It is possible, by law, for you to marry in our church building if you have a family or other special connection, even if you don’t live in the immediate vicinity.  This means that you are welcome to be married in our church building if at least one of these applies:

  • one of you was baptised or prepared for confirmation in the parish;
  • one of you has ever lived in the parish for six months or more;
  • one of you has at any time regularly attended public worship in the parish for six months or more;
  • one of your parents has lived in the parish for six months or more in your lifetimes;
  • one of your parents has regularly attended public worship there for six months or more in your lifetimes;
  • your parents or grandparents were married in the parish.
    (All of these refer to Church of England services)
Morning Worship
10:30 Sunday 29 May, Holy Trinity, Lennard Road
School Half Term
Monday 30 May,
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Tuesday 31 May,
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Wednesday 1 June,
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Thursday 2 June,
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Friday 3 June,
Holy Communion
08:00 Sunday 5 June, St John's Church, Penge
Pentecost Holy Communion
10:30 Sunday 5 June, Holy Trinity, Lennard Road